Lindsay really listened to what I was looking for from my garden. She took in everything I needed/wanted and added more things that I’d never thought to do like the water feature.  She created a lovely space to sit and chill & watch the world go by; relaxing colours & aromas;  space to hang the washing (practicalties have to be taken into account). I also wanted low maintenance & for it to be suitable for my dog (he likes watching out for cats & sheep!) and all this is packed into a small 4mx5m plot.


Well the garden is just coming up to being 2 years old and it carries on hitting everyone of those requirements. The camomile needs a bit of weeding & cutting back every now & then but that’s so relaxing to do as it gives off a beautiful aroma. The herbs & original plants are all going strong and the bay trees are flourishing. I’ve gradually been adding a few more plants and have decided to add some splashes of colour to the original soft blue & purple palette.


I really love my garden and enjoy spending time in there. I took part in the local Open Gardens trail last year and all by visitor were very impressed. RHS Tatton might have awarded a Bronze but what to they know … it’s a definite Gold in my book!

Hi Lindsay,

When I saw your Bring Me Sunshine garden at Tatton in 2015 it became the basis for the redesign of my new garden.  I had been in the house 6 months and the garden was all grass with narrow outer borders.  I knew I wanted a garden with 3 distinct, but interlocking areas and so began my journey.  I found your original use of the Bradstone sun circle very exciting and my take on it is the centre piece of what has become my pride and joy garden.  I got someone in to do the hard landscaping for me (quite a stressful time all told but we got there in the end !!) and I have had enormous pleasure, littered with some nervousness and lots of hard digging in choosing and planting up the borders.

I have enclosed some photos and this mail really is to say a big THANK YOU to you for your Bring Me Sunshine inspiration.

Ginkgo Garden Design
Ginkgo Garden Design




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