Giving Something Back

Giving Something Back

Horatio's Garden and Planet Vegan

Last month I attended the Gardens Illustrated Festival at the wonderful Westonbirt School in Tetbury.

The weather was stunning and I saw two speakers- James Alexander Sinclair and Cleve West. Both speakers mentioned the work they have done for Horatio's Garden- a charity in the name of Horatio Chapple who was tragically killed by a polar bear at the age of 17.

I wanted to write this blog about just some of the ways Garden Designers give back to society 'giving something back'.

ginkgo garden design

James Alexander Sinclair (left) with Cleve West

ginkgo garden design
ginkgo garden design
ginkgo garden design

Believe it or not I was just to the left of the picture of James and Cleve when it was taken- I was slightly starstruck at the time! I was purchasing one of the milk bottle vases by way of a small contribution to the charity (and a lovely addition to my kitchen windowsill- hoping for success with the allotment cut flowers).

I don't feel qualified to write about the charity specifically but would urge you to have a look at the website. Cleve's talk was about healing gardens and I think his multi award winning design for the charity is the ultimate testament to that.

ginkgo garden design

(I chose this image from the many tweets Cleve is posting on the subject because I am a massive Smiths fan) @clevewest

Cleve West ended his talk rather bashfully. He wanted to talk to us about the damage being done to our planet by both the meat and dairy industries. He has been vegetarian for many years and has more recently become vegan. He did this after watching the following film documentaries:


Forks Over Knives

What The Health



And looking at the following websites:

Cleve cares for all living creatures to the point where he doesn't even kill slugs on his allotment (I hope he never reads my slug blog!) and he would like us all to be vegan.

My personal contribution to this would be to encourage everybody to get the River Cottage Veg Everyday. This book is truly the best cookbook I have ever owned and while I do still eat some meat it is rare (no pun intended!). I would also tell people not to be frightened of the many new milk alternatives on the market. I like coconut in tea and almond in coffee.


And last but not least- a mention for a local lady in Marsden propagating and selling plants for charity. FLOWERED UP is on Facebook and well worth a look if you are from this area.


I really hope my little blog goes some way to helping some of these worthy causes.

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