The Ginkgo Garden Design Allotment (part 2) What seeds to sow?

ginkgo garden design

So February is the month when I look out onto my own garden and allotment and try not to feel sad. Everything seems bleak and soggy and dark and then I notice spring bulbs starting to peep through and I think to myself ‘snap out of it Lindsay- you need to start planning girl! sow the right seeds now and summer will be amazing!’.

ginkgo garden design

There is an overlap between garden and allotment when it comes to sowing seeds. I am a Yorkshire girl and love to save money so growing my own flowers from seed is good for my purse and also my soul- I find a great thrill in nurturing my own plants from seed and would encourage anybody who hasn’t tried already to give it a go. And when somebody admires your window boxes and you are able to say with pride that you grew them from seed I don’t reckon it can get much better!

My favourite seed source is Sarah Raven click the link for some serious inspiration! And, of course collecting my own seed from the previous year. I look back on some of my successful cut flower arrangements and always start with the favourites:

ginkgo garden design

So my favourites are: Nicotiana lime green, antirrhinum, miniature sunflowers, cosmos and nigella. I also like ornamental grasses, particularly squirrel tail grass. And of course I would never deny myself the pleasure of sweetpeas!

Then think of colour- this year I am looking at deeper reds and burgundys and purples.I am also hoping to create more height and drama in my arrangements! There has been a problem in Spain that has caused courgette prices to soar- and they are so easy to grow it would be rude not to allow some space.

The key then is to plan quite brutally. Measure your space and work out how many plants you can fit, make a list of what you want to grow and divide it out and then sow accordingly.

Here’s to reaping what we sow this summer!!

Please leave comments- what are your favourites?

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