The Ginkgo Garden Design Allotment (part 1)

So I have lived in Marsden now for 12 years and I am just moving allotments for the fifth time! I have to admit that it is not ideal but I have learned a few things over the years. The design challenge of an allotment is to make the most attractive and use-able space possible on the tightest of budgets.


My latest plot is, I am sure you will agree, in a beautiful spot overlooking the River Colne that runs through Marsden and the Colne Valley.

However, all is not well on the soil front! There is literally a 10cm depth of soil and underneath is basically ash and rubble! (I am looking into the history of the site and will share my findings in further installments of 'The Ginkgo Garden Design Allotment'). Still undeterred I happened upon some free pallet collars that a friend no longer wanted. I also bought some on ebay for very little money and hey presto- I have 10 raised beds to play with!


So a purchase of top soil will be required in Spring, there is plenty bark for the paths and I am married to a baker so flour sacks aplenty for a weed suppressing base layer.


All that remains at the moment is to read my latest book 'Our Plot' by my Garden Design hero Cleve West who could easily be a contender for comic hero based purely on his introductory chapter about a hibernating tortoise which literally made me laugh out loud.


I have been very lucky to borrow plots from friends- for Huddersfield Allotments look at Kirklees.


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